Cow Chasing in Dream Meaning [Career]

You’re lying in bed, sound asleep, when suddenly you’re jolted awake by a dream. In the dream, you were chasing a cow. But what does it mean?

Dreams about cows are actually quite common. And while the interpretation of this dream symbol may vary depending on who you ask, there are some recurring themes. Here’s a look at what dreaming about chasing cows might mean.

Cow Chasing in Dream Meaning

Cow Chasing in Dream Meaning

Dreams About Chasing Cows: interpretation #1

One interpretation of dreaming about chasing cows is that it symbolizes your career aspirations.

If you’ve been feeling stalled in your job or like you’re not reaching your full potential, this dream may be a sign that it’s time to make a change.

Chasing the cow in your dream may represent the challenges and obstacles you’ll need to overcome to reach your goals. But if you catch the cow, it’s a sign that success is within reach.

Dreams About Chasing Cows: interpretation #2

Another interpretation of this dream symbol is that it’s indicative of a desire for stability and security in your life. This may be especially true if you feel like your life has been chaotic or unstable lately.

The cow itself may represent all that is good and pure in your life, while the act of chasing it represents the lengths you’ll go to protect those things.

Dreams About Chasing Cows: interpretation #3

The third interpretation of dreams about cows is that they are symbolic of your maternal instincts. If you’re a mother, this dream may represent your feelings about motherhood and your worries about whether or not you’re doing a good job.

Alternatively, if you’re pregnant or hoping to become pregnant, this dream symbol could be a manifestation of those desires.


No matter what interpretation you choose to go with, dreaming about cows is generally seen as a positive sign. Cows are often seen as symbols of fertility, prosperity, and good fortune. So if you have a dream about chasing cows, it’s likely indicative of something good to come.

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