Kite Symbolism & Meaning (Freedom+Focus)

A kite may symbolize freedom, journey, creativity, focus, and childhood.

Kites have been around for centuries and have been used for various purposes by different cultures. In ancient China, kites were used for military purposes, as well as for festive celebrations.

In Japan, kites were flown for religious ceremonies and to ward off evil spirits. In Native American cultures, kites were often seen as symbols of the wind and were used in ceremonies to ask for good luck and blessing.

Kite Symbolism

Quick Overview: Kite Symbolism

  • Freedom
  • Journey
  • Creativity
  • Focus
  • Childhood
  • Aspiration
  • Determination
  • Success
  • Potential

9 Kite Symbolisms

1. Freedom

Kite Symbolism

A kite is often seen as a symbol of freedom.

After all, it is free to soar high in the sky, unencumbered by the chains of gravity. For many people, flying a kite represents the feeling of liberation that comes from being able to let go and enjoy the simple pleasure of moving through the air.

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In addition, kites have often been used as a means of social protest. In times of political oppression, flying a kite can be a way of sending a message of defiance and hope.

In this way, the kite comes to symbolize the fight for freedom on many different levels. Whether it is the freeing of the mind or body or the struggle for social justice, the kite remains an enduring symbol of the human spirit’s yearning for liberty.

2. Journey

Kite Symbolism

A kite is often seen as a symbol of hope and journey.

After all, what could be more representative of travel than an object that is constantly moving, gracefully soaring through the air? Kites have been used throughout history as a way to mark special occasions and celebrate new beginnings.

In many cultures, a kite flying high in the sky is seen as a sign of good luck. It is not surprising, then, that the kite has come to be associated with a journey.

After all, it embodies some of the most essential aspects of travel: freedom, adventure, and discovery. Whether we are setting off on a grand adventure or simply taking our first steps towards a new beginning, the kite reminds us that the journey can be full of beauty and possibility.

3. Creativity

Kite Symbolism

A kite symbolizes creativity for a number of reasons.

For one, flying a kite requires a bit of imagination and ingenuity. One must think about the best way to get the kite off the ground and keep it there. In addition, flying a kite also allows for a great deal of personal expression.

Kites come in all shapes and sizes, and each person can fly their kite in whatever way they choose. This freedom to be creative is what makes flying a kite such a beloved pastime. Moreover, watching a kite dance in the sky can be truly inspirational.

The sight of a brightly-colored kite soaring through the air can stimulate the imaginations of both children and adults alike. For all these reasons, a kite is an enduring symbol of creativity.

4. Focus

Kite Symbolism

A kite is a popular symbol for focus for a few reasons.

First, flying a kite requires a great deal of concentration. The wind can be unpredictable, and even the slightest distraction can cause the kite to lose altitude or veer off course. In order to keep the kite aloft, the flyer must remain focused on its task.

Secondly, flying a kite is often used as a metaphor for achieving goals. Just as a kite needs steady input to stay soaring through the sky, reaching our goals requires unwavering focus and dedication.

By keeping our eye on the prize, we can overcome any obstacles that stand in our way. For these reasons, the kite is an excellent symbol of focus.

5. Childhood

Kite Symbolism

In many cultures, kites are seen as symbols of childhood innocence and joy.

They remind us that life is full of possibilities and that even the sky is not the limit. For all these reasons, kites will always be associated with childhood.

6. Aspiration

Kite Symbolism

A kite is a widely recognized symbol of aspiration.

There are a number of reasons why this is the case. For one, a kite requires wind to fly, which is often seen as a metaphor for the breath of life.

Furthermore, a kite rises up into the sky, representing the lofty goals and ambitions that we all have. In many cultures, the kite is also associated with wisdom and understanding, as it is able to navigate its way through the wind.

As a result, the kite has come to symbolize all that we hope to achieve in life. Whether it is reaching new heights or simply enjoying the ride, a kite reminds us that anything is possible if we set our minds to it.

7. Determination

Kite Symbolism

A kite symbolizes determination because it takes focus and persistence to keep it flying.

The wind can be strong and unpredictable, but a skilled kite flyer knows how to keep the kite aloft. In the same way, life can be full of challenges, but those who are determined can find a way to overcome them.

Just as a kite needs a tail to fly straight, we need the determination to stay on course and achieve our goals.

When we face difficulties, we can remember the kite and its message of hope: no matter how hard the wind blows, we can rise above it.

8. Success

Kite Symbolism

A kite is often seen as a symbol of success.

After all, it takes skill and dedication to fly one. But there are also many other reasons why a kite might be seen as a symbol of success. For one thing, a kite requires a good deal of planning and preparation before it can take to the air.

Lining up the proper materials, constructing the frame, and making sure everything is balanced just right – all of these things take time and attention to detail. In addition, flying a kite also requires patience and concentration.

One must be able to maintain focus in order to keep the kite aloft. All of these qualities – planning, preparation, focus, and concentration – are essential for any kind of success. So it’s no wonder that a kite has come to symbolize achievements large and small.

9. Potential

Kite Symbolism

A kite symbolizes potential because it is a metaphor for the power of the wind.

The wind is an invisible force that can move objects and has the ability to generate electricity. Just like the wind, the potential is an unseen force that has the power to accomplish great things.

A kite reminds us that we have the potential to soar to new heights and reach our goals, regardless of the obstacles in our way.

The next time you see a kite flying high in the sky, remember that it is a reminder of your own potential. You, too, can achieve great things if you set your mind to it.

Spiritual Meaning of Kite

Kite Symbolism

The spiritual meaning of the kite is Freedom.

A kite flying high in the sky represents the human soul’s aspiration to be free from the limitations of the physical world. The wind that lifts the kite represents the spirit that gives life to the soul.

Just as a kite can only soar as high as the wind takes it, so too can the human soul only achieve true freedom when it is lifted up by the spirit.

The kite also symbolizes our ability to rise above our troubles and find joy even in difficult times. When we feel weighed down by our problems, we can remember that we have the power to rise above them and find happiness.

The next time you see a kite soaring in the sky, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and symbolism and let it remind you of your own potential for freedom and joy.

Kite Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Kite Symbolism

If you dream of flying a kite, it symbolizes your aspirations and highest hopes. The kite represents your desire to achieve something great or reach new heights.

Alternatively, this dream may represent your need for more freedom and independence in your waking life. Maybe you feel restrained or limited in some way. Or, this dream could be a metaphor for “cutting loose” and breaking free from whatever is holding you back.

What kind of kite are you flying? Is it a traditional kite, or something more unique? The type of kite may offer additional meaning to your dream. For example, a square kite symbolizes balance and stability, whereas a dragon kite might represent your untamed emotions or inner power.

Pay attention to the color of the kite as well—bright colors generally represent happiness and optimism, while dark colors may suggest feelings of sadness or anger. Kites can also be interpreted as messengers, so pay attention to the message the kite is carrying in your dream.

Finally, consider whether you were able to keep the kite in the air or if it kept crashing down. This could indicate how successful you feel in achieving your goals.

If you’re having trouble keeping the kite aloft, it might mean that you need to put more effort into making your dreams a reality.


The kite is a powerful symbol with a rich history and meaning. It represents potential, freedom, and the human spirit. The next time you see a kite flying in the sky, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and symbolism. And let it remind you of your own potential for greatness.

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